9 Tips to Spend a Healthy Christmas

One more year we have around the corner the Christmas holidays. It is easy to relate these days to excesses: spending on gifts, crowds in shops, stress in the organization of family events, copious meals.

All these behaviors seem excusable because it is Christmas but, above all, those related to food are the ones we usually overlook the most. We regret later planning the typical good New Year’s resolutions such as joining the gym or going on a diet.

But we can avoid these situations and our health will appreciate it, especially in the groups of higher risk such as people with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hyperuricemia, etc., who should normally take care of their diet.

Here are nine tips that can be useful during the upcoming dates:

  • First: Consume alcohol in moderation. It gives us a lot of calories that accumulate in the form of fats without any energy value.
  • Second: Add side dishes with vegetables and veggies, avoiding fried foods or more fatty accompaniments.
  • Third: It is preferable to cook blue and white fish, although for those who prefer meat, the healthiest option is low fat meats and the leanest parts.
  • Fourth: Eat slowly to avoid air entering the stomach causing annoying gas and have a feeling of fullness with less food.
  • Fifth: Preparing desserts based on fruits will make us feel lighter and help to make a less heavy digestion.
  • Sixth: Eat moderately the typical Christmas sweets.
  • Seventh: During these days increase the intake of water or digestive infusions.
  • Eighth: Do not skip any food as compensation for an excess. It is preferable to make light meals to obtain the necessary caloric contributions for our body throughout the day.
  • Ninth: Perform physical exercise. If it is practiced habitually, try to maintain the same rhythm of training and otherwise it is healthy to exercise for a few hours a day, with walks or walks.

It is in our hands to enjoy Christmas without going overboard and to avoid discomforts that, to a lesser or greater extent may harm our state of health.

Not only food healthy entertainment is also important. Avoid high volume music and parties, play indoor games like http://awesomejelly.com/the-saran-wrap-ball-christmas-party-game-is-a-seriously-good-time/ with your friends and family and discover a new side of entertainment. The family is the microcosm of our world with its arguments, its friendships, its ideas, its resentment, but despite everything, even when there are tensions, it meets anyway and it is also the opportunity to make a truce to find his values. It is the reassuring benchmark of its members and the holidays are an opportunity to gather for a moment of positive sharing in joy. Wish you happy and healthy holidays.