3 Reasons to Add transport 3D Modeling Services to Your Website

Why transport and vehicles visualization is a promising direction to master? We’ve analyzed the market for all future 3d visualization artists.

3 Reasons to Add transport 3D Modeling Services to Your Website

People say you should develop in one direction to become a professional. The narrower your field is, the higher your salary will be. We can’t say it’s a fundamental truth, but there’s a rational kernel in this saying. And today we want to speak about transport 3d modeling as one of the 3d modeling services offered. Why concentrate on vehicles?

Reason №1 – it’s commonly used in games

Video games are becoming popular every year: at first, there were computer games, then model ones and now they’re popular in VR. It means that providing 3d modeling services for the game industry can bring you lots of money and useful experience.

The well-known games with transport usage:

  • World of Tanks;
  • GTA (all parts);
  • The Crew 2.

They bring developers millions of dollars, so creating transport is good for your budget.

Reason №2 – a great way to master new skills

If you’ve always looked at difficult models consisting of millions of details and couldn’t imagine how to do the same – it’s time to know. 3d art studios can, and you’ll master it too!

High-poly modeling isn’t new for you, but it doesn’t mean you’ll understand hard-surface 3d modeling at once. Besides the visualization skills one should use:

  • Engineering mind;
  • The existing laws of physics;
  • Logic;
  • Lots of references to make a car look like the real one;
  • Knowledge in project conception.

If you want to look at good examples of hard-surface modeling, visit 3dreach website. This company has created an eye-catching portfolio, so you’ll probably like one of their planes or helicopters.

Reason №3 – you can work for the government and larger clients

Not every artist offers 3d modeling services to visualize the whole transport junction. There aren’t so many artists who can create a safety plan of transport junction considering driving regulations, building standards and specific features of public transport.

How to master transport 3d modeling?

You always have access to inspiring outsourced companies’ websites and YouTube tutorials, but we recommend not to ignore the possibilities online educational platforms give. Finish some online courses on Udemy, Coursera or CG trader and become one of those people who’re developing in one narrow direction.

Prove or disprove this approach is a beneficial one.